The green transformation of the ICT sector in Bulgaria starts from Burgas

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  • The green transformation of the ICT sector in Bulgaria starts from Burgas

The information and communication technology (ICT) sector will start its green transformation in Bulgaria from the Burgas region. Local business will learn about challenges and opportunities within a project funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants) 2014-2021, program "Business Development, Innovation and Small and Medium Enterprises".


The proven expert team of ICT Cluster Burgas will perform the activities of the ambitious project ICT Greening Up Initiative  in partnership with "ProspectiM Association" and with the active participation of ICT-Norway. They are an independent and authoritative organization, including companies in the digital technology sector. So far they have worked in cooperation mainly with TechSverige in Sweden and IT-Branchen in Denmark.


"ProspectiM Association" is an organization with an experienced and motivated team that works to achieve green and blue growth and implement climate neutrality policies.



Why is the project important and ambitious?

According to the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), the ICT sector has the potential to enable a 20% reduction in global CO2 emissions by 2030. Digital technologies are crucial for the EU to become climate neutral by 2050, the target set in the European green pact


According to statistics (Eurostat), for the last ten years, the amount of electronic waste generated in Bulgaria has doubled. 


At the same time, only a small part of electronic waste is properly recycled, and the principles of the circular economy are not well known and put into practice.



How will the ICT Greening Up Initiative support local ICT businesses?

The project relies on the concept of creating a regional supporting ecosystem that will facilitate the sustainable transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the ICT sector established in the Burgas region.


The initiative proposes the introduction of innovative concepts, both at territorial and sectoral level, and this could turn challenges into opportunities for ICT companies. The "greening" initiative aims for sustainable development combined with the digitalization process.


The project will accelerate the creation and support the new generation of ICT companies and entrepreneurs who are "born green" and will also support the transition from traditional to more sustainable business models.



How will the ICT Greening Up Initiative make the sector more competitive?

There is a need to raise awareness, knowledge and technological skills to improve the transfer of good innovative practices to support the sector.


Among the main challenges facing the local ICT sector is overcoming the identified challenges to the sustainability of businesses. By improving their energy efficiency, as well as by introducing the principles of the circular economy, SMEs and start-ups will reduce the cost of production/services. Also, in the long run, companies will become greener in terms of their products and services. The project will thus support the competitiveness of the sector and its potential for innovation and expansion.


The initiative will provide local businesses with support, training and competence building on topics such as sustainable business models, green innovation, circular economy and resource and energy efficiency. 


The ICT Greening Up Initiative facilitates networking and builds on the potential of companies to innovate and become more competitive.


The added value of the project is the established good working relationships between Bulgarian and Norwegian companies, institutions and communities.