Accounting, Payroll & Procurement

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We can assist providing all the necessary accounting services for your company. We can help you with any questions related to accounting, legal, financial and tax advice, as well as the work and salary of your employees.


We work with companies from different industries, and our team consists of professionals with great professional experience. We can help you with monthly accounting of documents, VAT and corporate tax reporting, preparation of financial statements, preparation of annual financial statements and annual closing of accounts. Additionally, we also undertake all communication with the tax administration and prepare any interim financial statements.


We can assist with full range of accounting services in the territory of Burgas - from the preparation of the initial accounting documentation and its maintenance until the accounting completion of the year. Some of the other accounting services we provide are:

  • processing and submitting VAT declarations
  • preparation of all kinds of VAT registration, under LPDP, as well as at the BNB
  • preparation of various reports for the needs of BNB, NSI, NSSI and NRA
  • drawing up and inquiries in relation to overdue liabilities and receivables
  • any other accounting advice related to the Bulgarian legislation

Avoid the headaches. Let the professionals take care of your payroll.

  • We are focused on absolute accuracy and timeliness
  • Clients range from small businesses to large corporations

You don’t pay any software licence fees. Our software is developed and maintained in-house. We can import information from other sources like time-and-attendance systems and can also export information to banks, accounting systems and other supported systems. We use tried-and tested methods of operation with a focus on accuracy and redundancy.

Guaranteed accuracy and reliability
  • Your payroll is meticulously checked by our payroll experts.
  • We maintain comprehensive notes of the full payroll process, ensuring your payroll is always processed even when key personnel are absent.
  • A second account manager is always aware of your setup and details should the designated manager be unavailable.
Your data is always safe
  • We make backups of your data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Backups are stored off-site at a secure location.
  • Never worry about your data again.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a specialty within recruiting where an external provider (i.e. Hudson RPO) acts as a company's internal recruitment function for a portion or all of its jobs. Typically, the recruiters are deployed to the client's business premises on a fully outsourced, hybrid or project basis as follows:

Fully Outsourced Basis:

The client outsources all recruitment. The outsourced team manages end-to-end recruitment solutions for some or all roles across their business.

Hybrid Basis:

The client retains their own in-house recruitment team, however, they need a partner on an ongoing basis to manage the roles they cannot fill themselves. This may be caused by "peaks" of recruitment demand, technical complexity of the roles, lack of geographical coverage or performance issues within the internal team.

Project Basis:

The client engages an outsourced provider for a specific period of time to complete a start-to-finish recruitment project. The nature of the engagement is time bound and relates to a specific need, generally by the type of role and/or geography.

What RPO services do you offer?

We can manage any or all of the following recruitment tasks for the client:

  • Recruitment forecasting
  • Recruitment advertisement creation and placement
  • Application response
  • Candidate sourcing programs (web crawling, internal recruitment, employee referrals, alumni programs, networking, social media, etc.)
  • New starter onboarding
  • Conducting & scheduling interviews
  • Psychometric and behavioral assessments
  • Reference and background checking
  • Offer management
  • Vendor (3rd party supplier) management
  • Technology selection, configuration and management
  • Management reporting

we can connect you with cluster members who will assist you

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