About Burgas

Burgas is the fastest developing city of Bulgaria. Surrounded by three lakes and the Black sea it provides mild climate in the winter and moderate summer temperatures.

The geostrategic location of Burgas Municipality makes it one of the country's most important economic centers.

The city serves as an important commercial and transport hub, with an international airport that handles more than 2.5 million passengers annually and one of the biggest ports on the Black Sea Coast. Well-developed transport infrastructure connects Burgas with mainland by highways and railways.

The city has 219 982 citizens, of which 67% percent are in working age. Burgas offers highly-trained employees, very affordable rents, excellentvaluefor real estate.

A study made by Bulgarian Outsourcing Association shows that the working force in Burgas is well educated, highly skilled and multll ingual.

The municipality has a special unit that helps the foreign investors in a decision making process, by providing all kind ofinformation.lf you are Interested in investing in Burgas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dimitar Nikolov
Mayor of Burgas