About Burgas


With the territory of 512 324 decares Burgas is the biggest municipality in Eastern Bulgaria and shares about 7% of the country's terrritory.

Surrounded by three lakes and the sea it provides mild climate in the winter and moderate summer temperatures. The beaches of Burgas are covered with dark curable sands.


Farmland 334 511 decares
Forests 31 140 decares
Populated and urban areas 56 713 decares
Infrastructure 12 312 decares
Territories for mining and quarrying 16 678 decares
Water territories 69 970 decares
Total amount of land 512 324 decares


Distance from Burgas to other cities in Bulgaria


Sofia 389 km.
Plovdiv 272 km.
Stara Zagora 184 km.
Varna 134 km.
Sliven 100 km.