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ICT Cluster Burgas is a leading non-profit organization representing the technology sector in the city of Burgas and Southeastern Bulgaria. Since 2016, we are a cooperation of Burgas ICT companies. Our mission is the development of ICT industry, new business opportunities through cross-border, cross-industry and cross-cluster collaboration.

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Founded in 2016, ICT Cluster Burgas is one of the most established and fastest growing technology clusters in Bulgaria. The cluster represents over 30 companies from the technology sector in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. We work with technology companies in the region from startups and SMEs to large multinational companies.


We support our members to improve their technological skills, build relationships between them in a constantly changing technology industry, as well as expand their business in the southeastern region of Bulgaria.


We are a non-profit organization that works with academia, the private sector and government agencies to promote Burgas and the southeastern part of Bulgaria as a region providing favorable conditions for the development of the technology sector. 


ICT Cluster Burgas is also a member of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) and is active in seeking opportunities for cooperation with other European technology clusters.



Petko Georgiev

Chairman of the Board of Directors



Stoyan Nikolov

Cluster manager




We help with knowledge and experience from the managers who define the politics in the organizations to make informed and successful choices in the field of technology, services and e-governance. As an independent organization, ICT Cluster-Burgas also contributes to the introduction of realistic and high-tech solutions, which develop business and the society. Our consultants are professionals with which you will speak in the same language - the language of successful results and achieved goals.

In addition practical consulting, here in ICT Cluster-Burgas we are effectively involved in analysis and research, together with other academic and educational institutions. The research process covers all issues of e-governance, and especially in its non-technical aspects. This includes the importance of e-governance for civic participation as a instrument for good governance, data protection, ensuring fast and reliable access to public services, and all institutional challenges.

The trainings we organize are aimed at increasing the knowledge and qualification of experts in individual business and public sectors. We share our practical experience gained not only in Bulgaria, but in projects we have implemented in Switzerland and Germany. Information and communication technologies can make any business successful if applied smart and with a strategic approach.

ICT Cluster-Burgas sees its role as a link and motivator of a wide network of institutions developing e-governance. Along with all our initiatives and efforts to connect stakeholders, we enjoy the trust and have the right contacts to solve the challenge of introducing successful e-governance in Bulgaria. Our professional network includes individuals and organizations with proven experience and know-how in this field.

Strong with the achieved successes and implementation of activities, we from ICT Cluster-Burgas are an ideal partner for participation in every stage of the development of each project - from concept, through introduction of E-governance technological solutions - to evaluation of its results. Our know-how is complemented by our identity as a public and non-governmental organization, which is successfully developing in one of the youngest European member countries and has experience and direct observations on winning and funding projects, promoting and informing successful initiatives, as well as and working with state and local authorities and institutions.

We know that even the most successful projects and activities can remain locked in offices and academic halls if they are not promoted and if the conclusions and recommendations from them do not reach people. We will help build active and trusted information channels to your target audiences so that your efforts and resources are valued. With our help, you will be able to strengthen your professional image, as well as be well recognized in society and business.


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