TBS Tech Talks and a meeting with the IT ecosystem of Burgas

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The event was attended by representatives of the local government, universities, business and non-governmental organizations and took an active part in the discussion about the opportunities for the IT-ICT ecosystem.


Last week, TBS Tech Talks - Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions and a meeting with the ICT community in Burgas was held at DAS Marina Burgas Hotel. The meeting was organized by Telelink Business Services with the support of ICT Cluster Burgas and Dell Technologies. At DAS Marina Burgas, the organizing companies got to know the ICT community in Burgas more closely and discussed various opportunities for creating and expanding partnerships.



Vencislav Georgiev - Sales Engineer at Telelink Business Services, with more than 10 years of experience in the design of infrastructure, security and connectivity of data centers presented the most current solutions for data storage and data protection of Dell Technologies. During the presentation, Ventsislav touched on fundamental topics such as asynchronous data replication, data domain backup solutions and solutions related to unstructured data. The presented products of Dell Technologies solve problems of storing sensitive data in the data centers of customers, as well as the storage of this data in case of loss of the same caused by various unforeseen situations. Considerable attention was also given to the topic of unstructured data, as it is one of the most relevant for business and academia today. Ventsislav explained and outlined the benefits of Powerscale ISILON as a high value-added solution for organizations looking for ways to get more out of their data, whether driving innovation, faster time-to-market or creating differentiation. In today's world, much of the data is unstructured data, and this set of data is growing exponentially‚ÄĒnot only in the data center, but also at the edge and in the cloud. The Dell Technologies solution thus presented frees the thought of data destinations, and instead for companies to think about what the data will be used for, who will use it and how the data will help solve their business needs. Vencislav also introduced the PowerProtect DD series, which enables organizations to protect, manage and recover data at scale across their diverse environments. The PowerProtect DD Series is the next generation of Data Domain appliances that now raise the bar for protecting data from edge environments, through the core to the cloud. Minimize the risk of data loss and leverage the value of protected data while meeting increasingly demanding SLAs and increasing ROI. The PowerProtect DD series provides up to 38% faster backups and up to 45% faster restores at higher compression levels.** as an improved level of efficiency increases the logical capacity by 30% per TB*.


Vencislav also presented Virtual version DD , a software-defined solution for the data center and the cloud. DDVE is quick and easy to download, deploy and configure - being up and running in minutes. DDVE can be deployed on any standard hardware, converged or hyperconverged and runs on VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, as well as in the cloud with AWS, AWS GovCloud, VMware Cloud, Azure, Azure Government Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud and scale up to 256TB in the cloud and up to 96TB on-prem. Capacity can be easily moved between virtual systems and/or locations and can be scaled in 1TB increments, allowing you to increase capacity according to business requirements.


And last but not least, one of Dell Technologies' flagships for data storage, PowerStore, was presented - an all-flash solution. The revolutionary Dell EMC PowerStore achieves new levels of ease of management and flexibility using a container-based architecture, advanced storage technologies and intelligent automation. Based on a scale-out architecture and hardware-accelerated data reduction, PowerStore is designed to keep performance in step with application and system data growth.


PowerStore is the industry's only purpose-built array with a built-in VMware ESXi hypervisor and self-optimized architecture with built-in machine learning functionality. It provides the ability to run applications, run and manage VMs directly on the disk array while providing disk space for other applications running on other servers.



Petko Georgiev - chairman of the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub presented the European network for business support to the participants. The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the European Commission's main tool for implementing its policies to support small and medium-sized businesses in Europe and aims to increase the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing integrated consulting services in the field of technology transfer, innovation and business.


The EEN network https://enterprise-europe-network.bg/za-een-bulgaria/  covers the whole of Bulgaria with offices in Burgas, Varna, Gabrovo, Blagoevgrad, Sofia, Ruse, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv. For the first time, Burgas is also a point of it. The network manages Europe's largest online database of business opportunities. On this page on the Digihub website https://digihub.bg/bg/enterprise-europe-network/ you can find business or academic partners for production, distribution, co-development and delivery of your products, ideas and services.





Radoslav Rizov from Telelink Business Services presented the long-term vision of TBS, for participation in strategic projects for the European Union, with high innovation, research and development activity.

He drew serious attention to the audience that during the second program period of the European funds, Bulgaria applied for and accordingly absorbed significantly less funds than our neighboring countries, some of which are not even members of the EU.

He presented more projects of the company in the field of education and cyber security, among which:


At the meeting, the organizations decided that within the third program period of the EF 2021-2027 they will initiate more joint projects and consortia with the local ecosystem at all levels - SMEs, NGOs and individual experts. Everyone was of the opinion that this meeting lays the groundwork for a series of Tech Talks events to be organized periodically in the city.



After the meeting, the participants exchanged contacts and ideas for future joint projects and partnerships in an informal setting over a glass of refreshing drink on the seashore.