Discovering New Horizons: ICT Cluster Burgas - Delegation at Oslo Innovation Week

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The ICT Cluster Burgas has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and sustainable practices. Our recent business delegation to Oslo, Norway, was a testament to this commitment. The visit was part of our ongoing project "Greening Up",  aimed at fostering green technologies and sustainable solutions.



The Event - Oslo Innovation Week


The Innovation Week in Oslo is a significant event that brings together startups, investors, and thought leaders to discuss and showcase innovative solutions. This year, the focus was on sustainable technologies, providing an ideal platform for our delegation's engagement and collaboration. The week was filled with a variety of activities—cutting-edge keynotes, hands-on workshops, networking events, and panel discussions. Our agenda included sessions that ranged from sustainable urban development and renewable energy solutions to the challenges and opportunities in scaling startups in the cleantech sector.



The Delegation


Led by the chairman - Petko Georgiev, the delegation comprised CEOs of member companies of ICT Cluster Burgas. These included Dimitar Galabov - Country Head of Sutherland Bulgaria, Todor Marinov - CEO at Strypes, Sotir Sotirov - Member of the board at DIGIHUB, Ivan Gospodinov - Head of Service Delivery | IT Outsourcing | Business Development at Pontica Solutions, Alexandar Milev - Managing Director at Proxiad SEE, Veselin Stoilov - CEO at VEVS, Ivaylo Slavov - Co-Founder at DIGITALL, Hristo Kovachev - Founder and CEO at ORBIS Digital Services, Stoyan Nikolov - CEO at BULSOURCE, Todor Georgiev - Business Development and Technology Director at Novatel, Andon Simeonov - Vice President @ SoftServe, and Ilin Dobrew - Managing Partner at Enloc Group. Each member brought unique insights and expertise, contributing to the success of the trip.




Day One - Startuplab Cleantech Summit


Our first stop was at the Startuplab Cleantech Summit held in Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park. This event was a pivotal moment in our delegation's visit to Oslo and fully met all expectations.


25 innovative startups in the cleantech sector had the opportunity to present their groundbreaking solutions to a diverse audience of over 400 investors, industry leaders, and policymakers. The goal? To establish meaningful partnerships and secure investments that will propel them to the next level.



Captivating keynotes were delivered by renowned experts in the field. Special thanks to Dr. Sarah Jones for her insights on sustainable urban planning and to Prof. Mark Anderson for his vision on the future of renewable energy technologies.


A dynamic panel discussion featuring Petko Georgiev, along with Anna Johnson, Timotheus Höttges, and Lena Apler, focused on the challenges and opportunities in scaling cleantech startups. In conclusion, the Mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen, emphasized the city's commitment to becoming a global hub for clean technologies.


Day Two - SWITCH Conference NO


Certainly, we can say that this day was one of the most memorable in our delegation's trip to Oslo. From the moment we stepped into Viking Hall, the atmosphere was incredible. We want to express our gratitude to the finalists in Viking Hall, our excellent Viking Hall Investor Panel, Bernt Øivind Børnich and the android EVE from 1X Technologies, Thorsten Claus from the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), the impressive participants in Viking Hall, and the audience for an amazing day at Trekanten in Oslo.



In the video below, you'll briefly learn why Kjeller Innovasjon AS, Kongsberg Innovasjon, and Smart Innovation Norway initiated the SWITCH Conference and made it a part of their new partnership in the 4th Wave Norway Alliance.




Aftermath II - International Edition


To wrap up our journey, we attended the Aftermath II - International Edition event. Organized by IKT-Norge, ICT Cluster Burgas, and House of Math, the event was a casual yet impactful gathering offering free food and drinks. It was a perfect setting to network and discuss future collaborations. Mr. Ivaylo Slavov took part in the discussion panel on artificial intelligence.






Our visit to Oslo was not just a business trip; it was a journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. The collaborations and insights gained will undoubtedly propel ICT Cluster Burgas to new heights in the tech industry.



Specials thanks to

Fredrik Syversen - Director Strategy and business development at IKT-Norge

Venceslava Yanchovska - Consul General of the Kingdom of Norway and Director of Innovations Norway in Bulgaria