Since 2016, we are a cooperation of Burgas ICT companies. Our mission is the development of ICT industry, new business opportunities through cross-border, cross-industry and cross-cluster collaboration.


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Smart Software Systems LTD

The beginning of Smart Software Systems was launched on September 14, 2009, to become today the most prosperous medical software company on the Bulgarian market, recognizable by the quality of its products. The object of the activity is the development of software systems for the business, the main intellectual product being the first in the country as a whole platform for management of hospitals and medical centers - "JOYSTICK". It covers all processes in a hospital - medical, financial, business, statistical information. In 2009, the team of the company is engaged in development and adaptation of an integrated hospital information system for the needs of a large newly established hospital in Burgas. It takes only fifteen days to pilot the initial version of the system. There is constant improvement and diversification of the accompanying products and services, the majority of them being entirely innovations of the company's team and unique in Bulgaria.


Address: Slaveikov, bl.1, vh.15, et.1
Contact person: Smail Mustafa
Person position: Manager
Telephone: +359889693962