Since 2016, we are a cooperation of Burgas ICT companies. Our mission is the development of ICT industry, new business opportunities through cross-border, cross-industry and cross-cluster collaboration.


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Senstate Technologies AD

Технологична продуктова компания, разработваща и внедряваща цялостни решения за умни градове, мониторинг на околната среда и оперативна ефективност за публичния и частен сектор в условията за преход към нулеви емисии и екологична стабилност.
Предлаганите от нас решения са базирани на модерни софтуерни технологии и хардуерни системи, които позволяват на бизнеса и публичния сектор да събират и управляват данни от сензорни системи за околната среда в реално време за целите на последващ анализ, прогнозиране, вземане на по-целесъобразни решения и измерване на ефективността от мерките за опазване на околната среда.


Technological Products and Technological Products comprehensive solutions for smart cities, environmental monitoring and operational efficiency for the public and private sectors in the conditions of transition to zero emissions and environmental stability.
Our solutions are based on modern software technologies and hardware systems that allow businesses and the public sector to collect and manage data from environmental sensor systems in real time for the purpose of subsequent analysis, forecasting, making more appropriate decisions and measuring the effectiveness of environmental protection measures.


Our passion is digital technology, and our goal is continuous improvement in areas such as data processing, artificial intelligence, scalable systems and cloud technologies. This allows us to offer efficient and modern solutions for the digital economy and connected societies.


Our mission is to design and build modern integrated environmental solutions that enable citizens and organizations to be more efficient and sustainable in the world of digitalization of society and industry.



Contact person: Svetoslav Mateev
Telephone: +359 888 631 789