Since 2016, we are a cooperation of Burgas ICT companies. Our mission is the development of ICT industry, new business opportunities through cross-border, cross-industry and cross-cluster collaboration.


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Jey Soft LTD

J Soft LTD was incorporated in 2002. Since then the company has been a leading producer of Bulgarian business software. We grow in the sphere development, sale and implementation of accounting and specialized software in the different sphere of economy. The main aim of our company is to offer solutions - specially tailored for the client, to introduce good practices, to realize projects, to implement and design. By its products J Soft provides an overall solution for the management system – accountancy, human resources and labour and remuneration, connection with supervisory authorities, sales, production, warehouses, management of contracts and contracting parties, legal and information servicing, as well as some specific activities – servicing, rents, calculations and fees in catering establishments, kindergartens and schools. We have also realized tens of individual projects in the spheres of healthcare, culture, public and private sectors, social policy. For each project an individual approach has been applied, together with execution and provision of training and maintenance of the final product. In order to provide complete service for our clients we offer specialized software of external companies, the best ones on the Bulgarian market. This makes us absolutely complete in offering business solutions. Finally, our system created for providing maintenance of the products works without any flaws by presenting information materials, on-line advice, e-mail, web site, data transfer channel. Our team is ambitious, experienced, highly-specialized in the sphere of computer technologies, communications, software and the Internet. We aim at increasing our qualification by participating in additional trainings, seminars and skill acquisitions. The advisory services that we offer excel in high competence, client care and resolution of different cases and issues.


Address: Burgas 8000, "Zornica", bl.75, vh. B, et.1, ap.1
Contact person: Shtilqn Papanchev
Person position: Manager
Telephone: 056/845645; 056/845644