The history and beauty of Nessebar come to life through a walk in virtual reality

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  • The history and beauty of Nessebar come to life through a walk in virtual reality

The creative project tells an attractive story about the history of the city through innovative technology.


The project is implemented under a contract signed between the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, FLAG Nessebar-Mesemvria and "CLUSTER INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES BURGAS" and is funded by the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program.


ICT Cluster Burgas is a leading non-profit organization representing the technology sector in the city of Burgas and Southeastern Bulgaria. ICT Cluster Burgas is a member of the European Platform for Cluster Cooperation (ECCP). Founded in 2016, ICT Cluster Burgas is one of the most established and fastest growing technology clusters in Bulgaria. The cluster represents over 30 companies from the technology sector in the southeastern part of Bulgaria.


The project covers 50 of the most interesting and significant for the municipality of Nessebar tourist sites and landmarks - emblematic of the territory of FLAG. The sites are presented with 360-degree panoramas, photo galleries and interesting historical facts. Each site is presented in three languages ​​- Bulgarian, English and Russian. This allows the tourist riches of Nessebar to be emotionally experienced through mobile applications for Android and iOS with VR option.


The tourist attractions of the municipality of Nessebar are popularized through maximally accessible and popular among the tourists information tools, which is a precondition for increasing the recognizability of the territory, attracting tourists and prolonging the tourist stay in the territory.


The web platform, virtual walks and the mobile application for iOS and Android will permanently facilitate access to each of the included sites, as well as present the territory in an interesting and attractive way and will achieve better recognition and visibility of the territory through online presence. space.



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