ICT Cluster Burgas with an attractive presentation in the pilot edition of the Black Sea & Balkans Conference World Summit 2020

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  • ICT Cluster Burgas with an attractive presentation in the pilot edition of the Black Sea & Balkans Conference World Summit 2020

The future of the event industry and the model of successful presentation were among the key topics discussed in the pilot edition of the Black Sea & Balkans Conference World Summit 2020. The Forum, held in Golden Sands on February 20 and 21, 2020, brought together under one roof professional conference organizers (PCOs), independent event managers, specialized service providers, top managers of presentation hall, convention centers and hotels; Branch associations, as well as representatives of local and central government (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Transport, Regional Development Agencies and Municipalities, Congress and Travel Agencies.


Within 2 days and 14 sessions, 24 presenters in different formats revealed the magic and power of events and how to meet the contemporary challenges of more successful planning and conducting of an event, as well as more attractive destinations marketing. Experience-oriented events, represent the future of the industry, and designing the experience begins with understanding the needs and goals of the audience.


"Advertise on social media and platforms where the Generation Z spends its time. If for Generation Y, these are Twitter and Facebook, then the Generation Z is more focused on Instagram and Snapchat, "said Rob Davidson, managing director of Mice knowledge, in a lecture about Generation Z. In the same speech, Rob added: "Provide enough interesting content to keep their attention. They enjoy behind-the-scenes stories with unique information about the event. They want unique, authentic, personalized experiences that look good on Instagram."


Interactive session of Simon Naudi, the Executive Director of Answer Training Int'l Ltd.,  was also a walk in time and a glimpse into the future:


Petko Georgiev - President of the ICT Cluster Burgas, presented the development and progress of the IT sector in the South-East region, and in particular in the city of Burgas.


Newly constructed office buildings as well as those under construction that provide an excellent working environment, the investor opportunities to open offices, and talent search options and the overall support provided by the ICT Burgas Cluster were just a few of the topics addressed in the attractive presentation of Petko Georgiev.


The Black Sea & Balkans Conference World Summit 2020 has become a platform for the exchange of international experience and knowledge, as well as a forum for finding models for cooperation between countries in the region. Representatives from Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria discussed the similarities and differences in national strategies and policies in MICE tourism (Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions), activity of the business and opportunities for creation and cross-border events.


An important part of the event agenda were the prerequisites for direct conversations and meetings between the delegates for establishing business contacts. That is why the "Festival of meetings"  CW Summit 2020 has offered in its agenda many network breaks in the dedicated marketing area, business lunches and evening social events. A special guest on the entertainment program was Victoria Georgieva, who will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2020 in just a few months.


In the final part, the organizers of CW Summit 2020 thanked for the voted confidence of all who participated and supported this initiative and announced the dates for the next edition of the forum in 2021 - March 17 & 18, 2021 in the town of Burgas, which was chosen for host of the Black Sea Congress of Tourism Meeting in 2021, in competition with several Serbian cities (BSB Conference World Summit 2021).