ICT Cluster - Burgas in partnership with Revolut and a special proposal for its members

Revolut is the safest and cheapest way to receive and send money transfers to your colleagues, clients and family



Modern business requires fast and secure cash payments, real-time cost and revenue control, sharing and digitizing the financial portfolio. If you are still wondering how to achieve this - we are delighted to share that Revolut is already in Bulgaria!

And not only that - all members and partners of ICT Cluster - Burgas will receive a promotional link with which they can order their Revolut card completely free of charge. Thus, they will be able to benefit from the leading cash payment system in Europe and in the world, to transfer money without fees and hidden terms, regardless of the currency, the bank accounts of counterparties or the state of their residence.


About Revolut

Revolut was founded in 2015 by Nick Stronsky and Vlad Yacenko. Its market valuation for the spring of last year was $ 1.7 billion. It offers services in 150 currencies, with its largest standard plan including zero wiretaps from ATMs up to 200 Euros, free of charge payment, transfer and transfer of funds up to € 6,000 between accounts within the system, above 0.5% of the amount, as well as transfers between bank accounts.
For the year 2017, the company reported a loss of 14.8 million pounds, and investors supporting it are Point Nine, Index Ventures, Seedcamp, Balderton Capital, and Ribbit Capital.


Revolut Bulgaria

Since this month, Revolut the company for Digital Payments has started offering payment accounts in BGN currency. As a result, it becomes the first international player on the market to save local consumers on the use of their services. The news was announced at the FinTech Summit.
The option to open a BGN account is active today, but in order to achieve its full functionality, more steps are still needed to be done. Currently, customers receive an IBAN in a British bank, as are the other Revolut account identifiers, as funds are held in the UK. However, the possibility of providing and maintaining a BGN account makes the payment service in the country and the transfer of funds to other BGN accounts more convenient and cheap when the amounts are higher.
According to Revolut's latest data, its customers in Bulgaria are already 23 thousand, only 15 thousand in the first five months. Besides physical persons, the company also offers services to corporate clients, with an international number of consumers exceeding 4 million.



11 reasons to choose Revolut


Revolut has many advantages over traditional banking which are constantly increasing, but here are 11 of them:


"The partnership of ICT Cluster - Burgas with Revolut will allow us to offer modern financial technologies to the successful businesses in Bulgaria as well as among the start-up entrepreneurs in the country," said Petko Georgiev, chairman of ICT Cluster Burgas.


"For me, it is of the utmost importance to work with the serious business organizations in Bulgaria by offering them modern and effective financial solutions. It is logical to focus first on the digital sectors of the economy, something I recognize exclusively in ICT Cluster - Burgas, "said Stoycho Nedev, Revolut Ambassador in Bulgaria.



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