ICT Cluster Burgas participates in the control board of the newly incorporated Bulgarian Employers' Association Innovative Technologies (BRAIT)

On February 5, 2020, the constituent assembly of the Bulgarian Employers' Association Innovative Technologies  (BRAIT), the successor of the Bulgarian Association of Business Clusters, was held in Sofia. The BEАIT aims to support the development and strengthening of its members as organizations of industrial sectors with high added value related to innovative technologies in various sectors. The organization has the ambition to harmonize clusters' policies and work to improve the economic development of its members, in partnership with the government and state institutions.


The initiators for the establishment of the BRАIT are organizations representing the most important industries in Bulgaria: automotive, IT, educational, energy, furniture, marine industry and healthcare sector.


The Constituent Assembly set very clearly the direction in which the BRAIT would work. The organization will be a non-profit purpose and its goals will be:


Members - initiators for the establishment of the BRAIT are the following: