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The guide for sustainable transformation in the ICT sector is now fully available on the ICT Cluster Burgas website.

The unique product is provided free of charge to all interested parties and was created within the framework of the ICT Greening Up Initiative project. The initiative is implemented with the financial support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants) 2014-2021, program  "Business Development, Innovation and Small and Medium Enterprises".


The project actually marked the beginning of the green transformation of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector in the Burgas region.


The ICT Cluster Burgas team performs the activities in partnership with "ProspectiM Association" and with the active participation of ICT-Norway.


After a series of events, the team also presents the GreeningUp Pathway. It is an extended hand to the ICT companies in the Burgas region and support on their way to green transformation, an assistant in the implementation of sustainable practices and the integration of green innovations in their business operations. The goal is for companies to realize this transition to a circular, climate-neutral economy by increasing their competitiveness.


Structure of the manual and how to use it

The GreeningUp Pathway is structured in two main sections. The first,  "Climate neutrality and energy efficiency of the  ICT sector - making the difference" presents applicable models for reducing the carbon footprint, steps for self-calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, and good practices for achieving carbon neutrality.


The second, "Circular economy and sustainable management of waste from the ICT sector", covers  the topics related to identifying opportunities to move to a circular economy of the ICT business, waste management of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as provides a model for the development of  internal waste management procedures of ICT companies.