ICT Cluster Burgas - registered in the European platform for cluster collaboration ECCP

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The European Cluster Collaboration Platform ECCP is a European online hub for stakeholders in European clusters (small and medium-sized companies, large companies and others in the cluster ecosystem). The platform also functions as a one-stop-shop for third country stakeholders aiming to establish partnerships with European partners.


ICT Cluster Burgas is the only officially recognized and registered in the European platform cluster organization from the southeastern region of Bulgaria.


The presence of ICT Cluster Burgas in the platform reveals to the members of the cluster many opportunities for participation in various European projects, as well as finding partners in different countries, regions, sectors or ecosystems.




The platform provides information on the latest funding opportunities and European tenders. https://clustercollaboration.eu/funding-and-tenders 



In the platform, cluster members have information on many events in Europe and around the world, ranging from webinars and seminars to major international conferences. Special attention should be paid to ECCP matchmaking events, where each member can contact potential partners directly and establish new cooperation. https://clustercollaboration.eu/event-calendar 


Digital policies

In the platform you will find the latest information on the digital direction of the European Commission, the relevant news, participants and initiatives that shape the digital future of Europe. https://clustercollaboration.eu/in-focus/digital