Burgas - the perfect place to live and work: ICT Cluster and Central Park change the city

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On May 15, 2024, during the Office Investments & Workspace Forum, Petko Georgiev, Chairman of ICT Cluster Burgas, took part in a panel discussion in which he shared his opinion in three main directions: the promotion of the city of Burgas, the presentation of useful practices from the project of ICT Cluster Burgas ICT Greening Up and the presentation of Central Park Complex.


Here are the main highlights of his participation:

1. Burgas - The Perfect Place to Live and Work

Petko Georgiev described Burgas as an ideal place to live and work, highlighting the advantages of the city such as its proximity to the sea and the developed infrastructure. He said that Burgas provides wonderful working conditions, while offering a quality way of life on the beach, which is an incomparable advantage over life in big cities.


2. Successful ESG Project of ICT Cluster Burgas

Over the past 12 months, ICT Cluster Burgas has successfully implemented an ESG project aimed at sustainable development and business greening. The ICT Greening Up project included numerous initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and implementing environmentally friendly practices in companies in the region. This is an example of commitment to sustainable development and proof of ICT Cluster's leadership in this field. More about the project see here: https://ictc-burgas.org/bg/greening-up


3. Central Park Complex - The Future of Workspaces

Petko Georgiev also presented the Central Park complex in Burgas, which offers modern and functional coworking spaces. TriA Space coworking in Central Park is an ideal solution for companies and digital nomads looking for flexible and cost-effective workspaces. Shared offices provide opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas that are essential for innovation and business development. Check out the complex from its official website: https://centralpark.bg/



Concluding his participation, Petko Georgiev shared inspiring words:

"As a seafarer, I have to pull the boat to our harbor. The Central Park complex in Burgas has everything you need to meet expectations and even exceed them. I know you'll agree with me that it's always better to live and work 10 minutes from the sea than 10 minutes from the subway."


ICT Cluster Burgas continues to work actively for the development of the technology sector in the region and provides new opportunities for companies and professionals who choose Burgas as their destination for work and life. The headquarters of the Cluster is located in the Central Park complex, with a coworking space that is available to all members.


More about the forum: https://2024.officeforum.bg/